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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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22 July 2019 (New datasheets):

TF861S 1.5KE7.5CA CL-221YG-C-TS PDU108H-2MC3 DDU4F-5200 M38507MEH-XXXSP AME8500CEFTAF46 VI-23BIX MX7534SQ 1.5KE91 KIA4559S HFBR-2115T SK14-T1 MSM6652-xxxGS-K 5962F9684501VXC RL3 SD600R12MSC SMAJ20A AM29F800BB-90EI RK1R-9V SN74AHCT158PWLE CLC007AJE 1.5SMCJ51 SA5200D WMA-1005B6 VI-MC1J-XX FS61857-01 IDT74CBTLV16245PF MC14520BFEL 1N4909A MLL1.4KESD64 HPR101V/H P4C1256-55CMB A390PD M38252M1-XXXHP CXD1807Q KA22429D HEF4094BD PA7024SI-25 VTE1281-2 5962-9457701QKA UC2844D8TR MJW21192 JM38510/76202B2 STPS30L45CT OR2C08A-4M84I TDA9109/S IP137MAH-883B MMFT1N10E P4KE110 PI49FCT3806Q TK11221AMBX TISP3180F3P IS61C6416-12T KBL400G 1N961C IDT74FCT2534TE HTIP42C MSC23409C-60DS9 MCP6002-E/SN GC102SN12015012RS SMA16C TDA8760K/2 R5323N361B-TR UPC78L05T-E1 LM2917M-8 PMP55-14 LM833D TS68020DESC02YA 5KP64 WF128K32N-50G1TI5A SN75110ADR SPC-0704P-271 RD12FB1 TLE2144MDW AMS2906CL-2.85 MC10EP116FAR2 C1943 LT1304-3.3 M38180M6-XXXFS AM27X64-200PC P4KE30C SMH4803AJK MDU3C-100 66183-105 LMX1601TM FQD5N40 TDA2030A 67023-103C P4SMAJ48 15KP58 FAR-C1CB-14746-M01-R CAT93C8622P-45TE13 BU505D ST700C22L2L UT54ACS279UCA CD4010BF M5M465800DJ-5S R2083 NTE6046 EDI88512CA25KM TSOP1136KD1 LS21AA-2FG TL054ACN 24LC025T-/SN 74LVX373TTR BF623 SNJ54LS669W

21 July 2019 (New datasheets):

MAX6312UK35D3-T BL-C3121 IP140MAH-12-883B APL5506-A19XC-TR MC33110D 2EZ68 BCX68 CDLL4745A 74AC11181N LTC1349 1N4755 74HC/HCT7597 SMCJ6050A RN5RK402A-TL ICL7662EBD MMBTA06 54ACT521MDA MDFB5122 BAV19W CLC440MDC FU-68PDF-510M20B BSS89 SMAJ54C BU508AW MMSZ5236B MAX6325EPA TDA9802T KHE03048S1V5AH M38505M8H-XXXFP MAX196ACAI IAM4810T12 MX28F1000PQI-70 RS1J TX10005HASLPLDH MCH3106 MC145168P SAA5296APS/nnn DM74LS273SJX TC1026EOA APL5501-18UC-TR SMBJ75C TA16N1CAA 74VHCT03AMTR BA6898FP MC33284P UTCTA31002A AGM2464C-RE-GTH-T 1SS244 BZX79-B33 74FCT162H244CTPVC RH-1512D 2214-100A M38206E7DXXXGP AZ940-1C-3D UT54ACS11PCA MC74VHC139D MT5C2568ECW-70L/883C UF520 TP87C51FC-1 1N985B IDT54FCT373DTP UNR221F V62C5181024LL-45WI SAC12 74LVQ04 XC3190A-09PG175C CAT28F001TI-90TT BZX399-C15 MAX6318MHUK48CY-T MAX3100EPD IDT7203L25TPB TC55RP2802ECB OP266A TSOP2137TE1 TEA7091 2SD1213 BY133 AD827 APBA3010SURKMGCK BUV46 R3111E141A-TZ BFY180P BYV74W-500 TK11255AMBX GMS90C320Q50 MC74F162AD PZM6.8NB IDT7024L15F SC50462S ATF22LV10CZ-25SC M38861F5A-XXXGP FQI7N10L SST39CF200A-90-4C-UK WE32K32N-150H1M XC4028XL-1HQ240I HSA187C REC15-1705SRWB FMBA14 NJM2247BM CHFP6KE48CA KS24C011ITTF AEV15324 XC4036EX-2HQ240C WS1M8L-20FI XC6204A19ADR ZMM5234B MIC38HC44-1BM

20 July 2019 (New datasheets):

KBPC3504 LC864164B UG8GT TDA4862G SW-229SMA MF601G2-02AJ AGM1264E-RNYTD-T PS8701-F3 AD621BN SN65LVDT2DBVT UPC29L33J LYA672-MQ LS411260 74FCT162H952ATPACT NJU6350C G41801C-DC6-Nil IDT54FCT574DTPY SCC68692C1F40 SAA4700 2SB1626 LA5612 BU2090F 303UR200P5 1N4005 REC3-6212SRWZ MSM51V18165DSL-50JS MAX195AMDE BY9206 R1223N162D-TL RT9172F-27CT5 P6KE24A MI-RC6KVX-XXXX AS8S128K32Q-45/XT A1750A30RRFC10 LM9061M 1N1199C AME8802OEEV BQ-M415RE MX27C2000PC-35 K827PH MAX6307UK38D4-T RD7.5ESAB PD430807 28C64AF-20/VS SA8.0C M38201E3-XXXHP G574SA VI-JWKMX 269-B-150-D-14xx-C PT2127A-C90S ZMU100 307URA80 TEA1066T CCLM0130 DS90CF386MTD MTZJ27B AM29F002T-70PEI AME8501CEFTBA42 M27C4001-45XL6X 7102 OPB365N11 HLMP-47199.MP7 3KP110A TX2SS-L2-1.5V-X ZMM55-D13 BZX97/C30 LPT672-KN BZX55/C0V8 GC89BRBE24R M34512M2-XXXFP ZMY24 SMV20424-01 3KP12C M38220EBMFP WE128K32P-120G4I AM29LV001BB-45REI PBM25US28 PT2127A-M83 MD59-0043TR RT9261A-29CB M38030M2-XXXSP TK1-L2-H-12V 1N4752A(DO41) TS190STR M38864F3AFS SR380 MAN6280 REC5-3715DRWZ SPT574BCS BZM55C5V1 MT5C2568ECW-15L/883C G901BD-DC12-1Nil MBM29DL800BA-90PBT-SF2 MC74HC175AD PDU108H-50MC3 NTE1908 KBPC4001GS H1N4001 LM339N MAX6377UR27-T TDA8753A M38223MAHXXXFS P6SMBJ170 PB-CMM1321 TLV5606CD SMJ55161-80 ADS7834E/2K5 LM350

19 July 2019 (New datasheets):

CY7C1011CV33-15BVC FDS6162N3 MLL14KESD33 SN74LVC157AD AGM1212C-NLFBD-T ICL7673 IC62C1024L-45QI UTCLM339 QL5432-33APQ208C TEA1504 AME8500BEFTCA31 M27W202-150K6TR M38046F5-SP IDT54FCT2574DTE UCC3626PW IXFN48N50Q CD54HC04F LMC8101BP CXA1580Q M38185E5-FP T431616A-7CI STL5NK65Z REC3-2709SRW BFY181H 61055-106 WS512K8-45CC TDA7263M PSMA5936B SSM2056 ACM4002F-FLBD-T HS1459 MC74HC125AD 54F08FMQB BYT79-300 NC7S00M5X SN54ALS240AJ SC26C92C1A 74LV4799SN TN87L58-1 RE5RL52AA-TZ X25645S14I ISD4004-16MED RD8.2F-T8 ST25W02 IDT74FCT244DTP REC5-6409SRWL M38022M8-XXXSP ZPSD311 QL4036-1CF208I REC5-4812SRWZ HT640 MM74HCT540SJ AMS317CT-5.0 M38C20F1-FP M30240M9-XXXFP XC4044XL-1BG352C 1N5238B BCW30 SKA291C MAX6319LHUK34C-T 503KT1608T-3P GC102SR5013020RD ACM1602E-NLFD-T GC89BNCC27R HL01U15D05YH MF0640M-07AT MC78BC30NTR BL-XJF361-F8 PST592HM TX2SA-L-5V-Z OPA2686U/2K5 EL2090CN ACT-F1M32B-120F14I AD633JR QL7180-7PT208M TMP-5/5-15/1-D48 P6KE440 SA24C512LZEM SFH6186-3 S05A100P CMX868D2 CAT93C4623U-42TE13 SMLJ10 TP13057BDW P4SMAJ54CA M38504M9-XXXFP M5M5V416BWG-10HW MX26L6420XAC-90 PJA294A SA16A APL1431LBBC-TB V842ME02 X25F047M P4KE62C 15KP43A UZ5724 SC2128A-D23B DM74LS164CW P4KE22CA MAX6364HUT44-T LMH6645MFX Am29LV160DB-90EI IDT7203S35D BPT-BP0331 MG63PB16 10EZ43 FQU3N60

18 July 2019 (New datasheets):

M34513M2-XXXFP uPD65612 UPG103B SN74AHC02DR RH5RL31AA-T2 GBP2010 AME8501BEFTCD31 M52C SN74LVTH543DBR R3130N32EC-TR GMA8475C SN74FB1650PCA NL6448AC33-29 SN75116N KTA1668 RURG30120 RH5RE45AA-T1 FAR-C4CN-06000-L10-R TLC27M4IPW IDT54FCT2645TEB HSN-3000F BFG197/XR SML16751WN G73AD-DC6S 54ACQ821SMX TC1412EPA KBPC4008S 24AA00T-/SN 1N4148 P4C174-10PC 1N5644A AS431A2SB G90NilBS-AC48-NilNil WS256K32-25G4M G70LF1B-DC24 MAX213EAI RD180EB MAQ17503LE SA15C STUB020 RE5VL22AA-TZ GN3B IDT7005S15J MT5C6405EC-15L/IT SST29LE010-200-4C-WH M38225EB-GP 74LCXH16245 UT6716455WPC IAS012ZH SMLJ45CA AR242S22 S3P7424 AD7843ARU-REEL P6KE110CA SN74LS629N K4S161622D-TC/L55 SST29VF512-70-4I-NH SST58SM024-70-C-FSJ FQP3N40 TS339ID MSK5150-00ZS TAM25-4822 PXAH30KFBE 74HCT253U 1.5KE160A 2SD2117 M38506EEH-FP NTE6241 FKC08-24S15 CAT25C33SI-1.8TE13 M27C256B-70XN6 FQB95N03L PZM11NB2 BD-C815RE SK225 MT5C6405EC-12L/883C AME8501CEETDE40 15KP40A TC1263-30VOA LP2985IBPX-2.8 VI-MUT-XX REC3-1612DRWZ CAT93C6634KA-30TE13 1N3051B K210 MAX6309UK36D4-T LXM1640-01 K4S281632D-TL1L MMSZ4696 MT5C1009DCJ-70L/XT SMJ320C30HFGM50 MT8952BE BZV85-C4V7 SMBJ8.0A KM416V254DJ-6 REC10-3915SRWL SAA7335HL/M1A FS16UM-10 TLV1562CDWR NC4D-L2-DC24V SA15 SC28L92A1A BL-B2431K-L MSM514400DL-70TS-K R1210N432D-TL MC10H162ML1 M38253E7DFP M30220FC-XXXGP

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